Work-study is a program that enables students to earn money by working part-time while attending college. The federal government, the state of Colorado, and the institution provide the funding for work-study assistance. Awards are primarily based on need as demonstrated by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A limited number of awards are granted to students on a basis other than need. At Colorado Northwestern Community College, approximately 85 students are awarded each year on the basis of need. Approximately 40 students are awarded on a basis other than need. The average award is $2,500 per academic year. Your chances of receiving a work-study award are greatest if you complete the financial aid process prior to June 1. Colorado Northwestern Community College has work-study position in a number of areas, including but not limited to administrative office, student service offices, athletic departments, academic program areas, and student activity areas. Work-study employees average from 10 to 12 hours per week, and are paid $12.00 per hour.

Your responsibilities after accepting a work-study award:

  • Upon receipt of a financial aid work-study award, student must obtain the employment authorization form from the financial aid office.
  • Fill out employment paperwork in the payroll office.
  • From the job listing, select one or more positions and contact the work-supervisor identified on the job description to arrange for an interview.
  • If hired by the supervisor, the work-study must obtain a work-study referral form from the financial aid office. This form must be signed by both the student employee and the supervisor. The form must be returned to the financial aid office before the student begins working.
  • Supervisors will clearly define the duties and responsibilities with the student so that together both may arrive at mutual expectations. Also, students should clearly identify their workdays and hours. Students are held accountable for maintaining established work days and hours.
  • Students who are unable to report to work must always contact the supervisor in advance to either notify him/her of illness, or to rearrange work hours. Never, under any circumstances, fail to report to work without notifying the supervisor in advance.
  • When at work, it is inappropriate to have friends visit, make personal calls, or text. Students who need to make a personal call must check first with the supervisor.
  • Students must record all hours worked through their "Crossroads" account. At the end of the payroll period the student will submit his/her hours for the supervisor's approval. Time will be submitted every other Friday. Any student who falsifies a time sheet will be suspended from the work-study program, may be suspended from all financial aid programs, and referred to the U.S. Department of Education for suspected fraud investigation. Further, failure to submit a time sheet may result in suspension from the College Work-Study Program.
  • Students must never work more than 20 hours per week during periods of enrollment, provided the award is sufficient. Based on the average work-study award at CNCC, most students will be able to work approximately 10 hours per week.
  • College work-study awards are based upon the availability of funds and may be revised during the school year without prior notice. In that event, every reasonable effort, through student loans, other jobs, etc., will be made to assist a student for the remainder of the year.
  • Students whose work performance or attendance is unacceptable may have their contract canceled by the supervisor. Remember that this employment opportunity can provide documented work experience and references for future job.

Remember – It is clearly understood that academic schedules and programs must take precedence over employment requirements. Students offered and accepting part time employment are expected to coordinate their work schedule with their class schedule and supervisor. It is also understood that these are employment opportunities. Student employees are paid only for the hours actually worked. The college has no obligations to keep students who, consistently fail to meet work schedules or live up to the expected performance standards, in the work-study program.

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