National Park Ranger Academy Student Success Stories


 Wright Gatewood 










Josh C NPS

Joshua Carico

I graduated from the Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy, Colorado Northwestern Community College, Fall semester 2018.  Since graduating, I remained in the Rangely, Colorado area and worked a season for the Bureau of Land Management as a Recreation Park Ranger in 2019.  I am now employed by the National Park Service assigned to the Gateway Arch National Park as a GL-7 Law Enforcement Ranger.  I attribute my success in becoming a LE Park Ranger to the outstanding training I received at the PRLEA, Rangely, CO.



MIke Wagner

Mike Wagner

I graduated from the Law Enforcement Academy in May, 2019. I worked for the National Park Service as a fence builder and road maintenance personnel for Wind Cave National Park following the academy. After receiving my EMT certification this winter, I have accepted a position as a Law Enforcement Ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park for the summer 2020 season. The Academy at CNCC provided me with the skills, knowledge, and certifications to help me succeed as a Ranger. 






Jess Rains

Jess Rains

I graduated from the CNCC PRLEA class 19-01. For my first season, summer 2019, I worked for Yellowstone National Park as a Law Enforcement Ranger. The academy at CNCC is seriously the best. The high quality of instruction and training that I received there prepared me for success in my career with the National Park Service. 







Fiser Picture

Daniel Fiser

I have wanted to be a Park Ranger since I was nine years old and during the Spring of 2019 I started towards that goal. I graduated from the Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy with the class 19-01 in May 2019. The skills that I learned during the Academy gave me a knowledge base from, which I have been able to be a successful Police Officer in Alaska. After graduating the Academy I went to work as a Police Officer in Unalaska Alaska in the Bering Sea and continue to build my skills and confidence as an officer. I was able to get a seasonal position for the 2020 Summer season in Voyageurs National Park as a Federal Law Enforcement Park Ranger this year. I am looking forward to working in Voyageurs National Park and sharing my passion for the Parks and God's beautiful creation with others.