All staff and students must obey posted signage regarding parking on campus. Habitual violators will be towed away at the owner's expense, as ample parking is available on the campus. Individuals who park in fire zones may be subject to immediate towing without a warning or ticket.

Parking Policies

  • Parking is allowed only in areas designated by two parallel yellow lines.
  • Vehicles illegally parked in fire lane zones or near fire hydrants are subject to city fines as well as towing and/or college fines.
  • The areas on campus marked "Loading Zone" are to be used only by those loading and unloading (15 minute maximum).
  • Designated "Handicapped Parking" requires a special license plate or permit. Violators will be subject to city fines as well as campus fines.
  • When parallel parking in designated areas, vehicles must be headed in the direction of traffic.
  • Campers and trailers are not allowed to park on campus unless special permission is granted by the Safe Campus Coordinator or the Dean of Learner Instructional and Support Services.
  • The speed limit on campus is 15 mph (all roadways and parking lots). Violators are subject to city ordinances in regard to speeding, as well as campus fines.
  • All stop signs and yield signs must be observed.
  • Owners and operators of any motorcycles, off road vehicles, mopeds, or motor scooters are advised of the following additional regulations.


  • Park in well-lighted areas where your car can be seen.
  • Avoid isolated areas: areas with frequent pedestrian traffic are the most secure.
  • Lock the ignition and the doors.
  • Be sure windows are completely closed.

Valuable Property in Car

  • Do not bring unnecessary valuable items to campus.
  • Do not leave valuable items, such as cameras, CDs, cash, jewelry, tools, in plain sight in your vehicle. Either take them with you or discretely lock them in the trunk. If you do not have a trunk, place them out of sight on the floor or beneath a seat. A thief may be looking for easy targets, so it is best to do this before arriving at your parking spot.
  • Radios and CD players are valuable and popular, and are often stolen. If you have a pull-out stereo, remember to remove it when you leave the car. Keep the doors locked.

Anti-theft Devices

You may want to consider putting an anti-theft device in your car. Steering wheel locking devices are both easy to install and inexpensive. Car alarms, especially the ones that disable the vehicle's starter when activated, can be convenient and effective.

About CNCC

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