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Grow Your Own Engaged Workforce with CNCC’s Apprenticeship program


“Dollar for dollar, no workforce training method packs as much punch as an apprenticeship. On average, employers' average return on investment is $1.47 for every $1 invested. Investments in the rural workforce can lead to improvements in the economic stability of communities.” -Melissa Anzlovar, Colorado Department of Higher Education Healthcare Apprenticeship Consultant.

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Looking to hire eager trainees or grow existing employees to boost your business? CNCC’s apprenticeship program works with you to train your workforce to fit current operational needs and fill gaps to provide a foundation for future growth. 

Customized to help develop people with the skills that are crucial to today’s strongest, most productive businesses, the program pairs the latest learning and supervised on-the-job training to ensure your apprentices contribute to a safe, innovative, and competitive workplace.


Apprenticeship Programs:

  • Create reliable employee pipelines
  • Mitigate retraining and rehiring costs
  • Demonstrate commitment to your community
  • Expand the pool of skilled workers by growing your own

If you are a small employer, you may also qualify for total or partial wage reimbursement for apprentices hired.


Apprenticeship Opportunities:


 Workforce Apprenticeship Opportunities:

Teacher’s Aides, Plumbers, Welder Technicians, Professional Bookkeepers, Human Resource Specialists, and nearly any occupation in a variety of industry sectors. 

Healthcare Sector Apprenticeship Opportunities:

Medical Administrative Assistant, Personal/Direct Care Assistant, Home Health Aide, Behavioral Health Aide, Pharmacy Technician, Medical and clinical Technicians, Medical Coders, Nursing Assistants, Health Services Managers, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Dental Lab Technicians, and thousands of additional jobs in this industry. 

IT/Tech Sector Apprenticeship Opportunities:

Help Desk tech, Web Designers, Network Administrators, Network Support engineers, Cybersecurity Administrators, Security system administrators, Cyber data analysts, Software developers, Information security analysts, Computer Programmers, Computer User Support Specialists, and thousands of additional jobs in this industry.

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Ready to Include Apprenticeship in your human resources plans?


Let us help. Here are the next steps:

  1. Schedule a time to meet with us to determine your needs, and eligibility.
  2. Develop work schedules to meet gaps in your talent pool.
  3. Sign agreements with the college and the U.S. Department of Labor. 
  4. Identify an employee who can serve as a mentor. This person will receive free training from college staff.
  5. Hire your apprentice/s and begin providing on-the-job learning.
  6. Regularly submit updates on apprentice’s progress and hours to CNCC.

To get started contact 

Sasha Nelson 

Executive Director of Workforce Education & Economic Development

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office: (970) 824-1118  


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