Aviation Maintenance Technology


Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) is a five-semester program preparing students for the aircraft maintenance industry and certificated under Federal Aviation Administration Title 14 CFR 147. Training consists of three major categories: General, Airframe and Powerplants. 

General section covers math, physics, aerodynamics, basic electricity, aircraft weight and balance, regulations and publications, materials and processes, and fluid lines and fittings.

Airframe section builds upon knowledge gained during your first semester general coursework. This portion of training involves airframe structure maintenance and repair. Courses include sheet metal, composites, hydraulics, communication and navigation systems, landing gear, environmental systems and electrical systems.

Powerplant section continues building knowledge from the general section through theory and operation of aircraft reciprocating and turbine engines, including their ancillary systems and components.  Coursework involves engine disassembly, inspection, repair/replace, reassembly and operation check outs of the engine. Ignition systems, electrical power generation, induction, powerplant fuel systems, propeller maintenance.

Students in the AMT program can earn an Associates of Applied Science degree with additional coursework.

A majority of CNCC Aviation Maintenance Technology graduates are employed in the private, corporate, and airline sectors of the industry.  Today‚Äôs graduates have the ability to move into the space sector.

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