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Agriculture Business (AS)

Agriculture Business AS Degree with Designation

The AS degree with designation in Agribusiness prepares student for careers in Ag Business, Ag Finance, the Beef Industry, Cattle Production, Ranch Management, and more.  Students work hand in hand with our Animal Science students to participate firsthand with the business aspects of our animal science projects.  Students prepare budgets, learn about marketing, price structures, and many other aspects of running an agricultural business.  Students can expect to take courses in Farm and Ranch Management, Agricultural Economics, Statistics, Agriculture Finance Agricultural Marketing as well as specific industry courses in animal science. Courses in both disciplines are designed to encourage independent learning and critical thinking skills.

  • CNCC is surrounded by farming and ranching in Northwest Colorado
  • Financial aid available
  • On-campus housing
  • Guaranteed Transfer to CSU

This degree has a statewide articulation agreement with Colorado State University. Upon degree completion at CNCC, a student will be thoroughly prepared to transfer directly to CSU to continue with their Bachelor’s Degree as a junior.

Agriculture Business Curriculum

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