CNCC Wellness Wheel


Wellness wheel image2CNCC Wellness Wheel

A visual representation of the different dimensions that are encompassed in holistic health and well-being. These dimensions are: Emotional, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Occupational, Financial, and Environmental Wellness.

Wellness is not merely the absence of illness or distress – it is a lifelong process of making decisions to live a more balanced and meaningful life. Remember that it can be unrealistic or exhausting for you to be working on all 8 dimensions at the same time. Identify which dimension you need to focus on right now, and start making an action plan. The Wellness Self-Assessment


Your Wellness Journey

We hope to help you on your journey while you are at Colorado Northwestern. Listed below are the objectives of each dimension, recommendations on activities of which you can choose to engage, and services and activities provided by Colorado Northwestern. If you are not sure how to access these services or activities, please reach out to a member of the Campus Life Staff Office: (970) 675-3229, Johnson Building or Office: (970) 675-3220 Johnson Building.


Emotional Wellness        Physical Wellness            Intellectual Wellness       Occupational Wellness

Spiritual Wellness            Social Wellness                 Financial Wellness           Environmental Wellness


History of the Wellness Wheel

What is the Wellness Wheel? In 1976 Dr. Bill Hettler co-founded the National Wellness Institute. It was based on the principle that humans could live better, healthier lives if they paid attention to balance and awareness in various areas of their lives.

The eight dimensions of wellness were developed by Dr. Peggy Swarbrick with all eight dimensions being interconnected and important to a well-rounded lifestyle. The wellness wheel is used as a framework in building programs and services targeted to help students and in medical, behavioral and community organizations, patients, and clients to grow and mature within each dimension of their lives.

Online Wellness Support

Campus Well, an online support site, serves as a wellness wheel aligned resource for all Colorado Northwestern students. It will provide you with valuable information to help you achieve your goals toward overall wellness

About CNCC

Colorado Northwestern is one college in two Colorado communities. Depending on what you want to study, CNCC has the perfect surroundings and facilities to meet your needs. Founded in 1962 as “Rangely College,” CNCC now serves nearly 1,600 students on two campuses, two service centers and online. Our two campuses are located in Craig and Rangely and are 90 miles apart in the mountains and canyons of Northwestern Colorado.