If you receive a bomb threat, immediately contact Safe Campus Coordinator by using a landline by dialing x3329 or the local police department 911. Ask questions of the caller and try to gather as much information as possible to provide to the Safe Campus Coordinator.
For example:

When is the bomb going to explode? _________________________________
Where is the bomb right now? _______________________________________
What does the bomb look like? ______________________________________
What kind of a bomb is it?__________________________________________
What will cause the bomb to explode? _______________________________
Did you place the bomb? Why?________________________________________
What is your name?__________________________________________________
Gender of caller?___________________________________________________
Approximate age of caller?__________________________________________
Speech pattern/accent of caller?____________________________________
Background noises?__________________________________________________
Number at which call was received?__________________________________
Date and time of call?______________________________________________

If the threat was written (e.g. in a letter or on a note), try not to touch the paper or envelope again after you realize that it is a threat (it may have fingerprints).

Don't touch anything suspicious. It may be dangerous or have evidentiary value.

Do not pull fire alarm or use electrical or cellular devices to call Safe Campus Coordinator or 911.

Use a landline phone to call for help, if possible.

Safe Campus Coordinator or other law enforcement personnel will decide whether or not to evacuate the building and/or conduct a search. (evacuation distance is minimum 200yds)

If you are evacuated, stay in the evacuation areas, away from the building, until the Safe Campus Coordinator or other law enforcement personnel give permission to re- enter the building.

About CNCC

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