BAS Dental Hygiene

Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene 


CNCC is excited to announce that we are adding a Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene degree completion program. This is an asynchronous online degree designed for dental hygienists who are currently working and looking to complete a bachelor's degree. As an online degree, it will allow students to continue working in their current jobs while completing their degree. BASDH

Traditionally, dental hygiene has been viewed as a singular path of clinical practice. Expanding education from an associate to baccalaureate degree, opens many career opportunities for dental hygienists outside of clinical practice. This allows dental hygienists to serve in key leadership positions and also extends the longevity of their healthcare career.

Career opportunities with a baccalaureate degree include education, research, administration, public health, and corporate business. More specifically: pharmaceutical sales, dental supply sales, corporate educator, dental insurance officer, hospital/nursing home consultant, clinical or didactic college professor, researcher, local/state public health officer, community clinic administrator, legislation and policy, and oral health content writer.

Colorado Dental Hygienists’ Association and Colorado Dental Association have worked collaboratively over the past decades to enhance the Dental Practice Act so that dental hygienists are able to play a key role in reducing access to healthcare barriers. As the CO Dental Practice Act evolves and dental hygienists in various career settings are seeking higher education that allows them to practice to the full extent of their license, CNCC is there to support dental hygienists. The CNCC BASDH degree completion program focuses on business, leadership, education, administration, research, critical thinking, and access to care.


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The program will kick off in the Spring 2024 semester with a soft launch of just a few students. The full program will launch in earnest starting in the Fall of 2024.


In order to be eligible for the BAS in Dental Hygiene, students must have completed an associate's degree in Dental Hygiene from a CODA accredited institution. The first step is to complete your admissions application for CNCC

For additional program details contact:

Tiffany Douglas
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CNCC School of Dental Hygiene
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Rangely CO, 81648

Download copy of the program pathway here

Program Pathway 

 *All courses listed below are offered online only.

First Semester
Course # Course Title Credits
DEH 3026 Oral Health Promotions 3
DEH 3043 Principals of Conflict Resolution 3
DEH 3047 Dental Hygiene Business Administration 3
HPR 4003 Critical Review of Healthcare 3
Total   12
Second Semester
Course # Course Title Credits
DEH 4002 Diversity & Cultural Research 3
DEH 4071 Advanced Pharmacology 4
DEH 4011 Teaching Methodologies 4
HPR 3001 Communication in Healthcare 3
Total   14
Third Semester
Course # Course Title Credits
DEH 4089 Capstone 4
Total   4


Courses will take place in 8 week increments. Students will be enrolled no more than 2 courses per 8 week increment. 

For example, a 2nd Semester course schedule could be:

                Week 1 - Week 8: DEH 4071 Advanced Pharmacology and HPR 3001 Communication in Healthcare

                Week 9 - Week 16: DEH 4011 Teaching Methodologies and DEH 4002 Diversity & Cultural Research

Meet the team!

Melia Lewis MEd, BSDH, RDH

Chanci Oyler MEd, RDH

Danielle Ford RDH, BSDH, MHA

Contact Information



Tiffany Douglas
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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