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AS - Paleontology

Looking for a Unique Paleontology Program?

Students learning vertical mapping Jerry Blount    Students begin their paleontology careers in the high desert of the Colorado Plateau with Field Paleontology in their first semester. Followed by Paleontology Lab Techniques in the second term students get over 200 hours of field and repository experience in their first two semesters. CNCC’s Paleontology Program keeps students engaged in the field and lab every term.  In addition students will take the necessary geology and biology courses that will prepare them to transfer to paleontology concentrations at the 4-year college of their choice. Small class sizes, hands-on learning, and research opportunities, students have a hard time finding reasons not to start their Paleontology career at CNCC.


Summer Program

Come and learn about the world of dinosaurs! Earn college credit in biology as you navigate the world of T-rex, Triceratops, and countless other dinosaurs during the Mesozoic era. This lecture course is not only a viable option for credit seeking students, but also for engaging for members of the community. In addition to learning about the different dinosaur families, you will learn about how they lived, how they fought, and about their origins and extinctions. 

To register, apply at and log into navigate at . 


Have an hour?: Visit the Colorado Northwestern Field Museum at CNCC Craig

Have a day?: Stay a day to participate in one of our community dig days or repository experiences.

Have a couple weeks?: Stay two weeks over summer to immerse yourself in our summer dig program.

Can’t get enough of it?: Start your path to be a career paleontologist with our two year Associate of Science Degree with Paleontology Plan of Study 





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About CNCC

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