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Have you taken some college courses but haven't earned a degree or certificate yet? The Alternative Credit Project™ (ACP) provides a pool of online courses that Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC) will accept towards your degree (up to 75% of the credits required for a degree or certificate). A national program of the American Council on Education (ACE), supported by a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the ACP is designed to help adults finish what they started; get a degree, or a post-secondary certificate. Even if you're not ready to apply yet, CNCC is here to help. We have admissions representatives, financial aid staff, and academic advisers who specialize in helping students who have started careers or families to come back to school and finish their educations. Contact us today to get started.

About Alternative Credit Project

American Council on Education (ACE): ACE has engaged 40 colleges and universities and three systems with a strong commitment to access and attainment in this alternative credit consortium. Several of these institutions helped to identify high-demand lower division general education subject areas, agreed-upon quality course and provider criteria and identified high-quality online education providers across the selected subject areas. Selected courses have undergone ACE’s credit recommendation process throughout spring 2015 which will lead to a pool of about 100 low-cost or no-cost online courses. Participating institutions agree to accept a large number of these courses and visibly communicate their acceptance of the courses to students. Institutions also agree to provide anonymized data to ACE regarding the amount of credit their institution accepts through this project as well as retention and attainment rates of students transferring in courses from this project. American Council on Education (ACE) is engaged in an Alternative Credit Project™ to encourage greater acceptance of students’ alternative credit and create a more flexible pathway towards post-secondary education attainment for the more than 32 million non-traditional students who may have some college credit but no degree. You may request your ACP transcript directly from the American Council on Education (ACE): Request Transcript ACP Accepted Courses at CNCC:

Discipline Course Title Provider ACE Transc Data CCNS Course Eqiv Course Name Credits
Accounting Accounting I Straighterline ACPE-0086 ACC 121 Accounting Principles I 4
Accounting II Pearson ACPE-0087 ACC 122 Accounting Principles II 4
Accounting II Straighterline ACPE-0088 ACE 122 Accounting Principles II 4
  Introduction to Financial Accounting, Saylor ACPE-0113 ACC 101 Fundamentals of Accounting 3
  Managerial Accounting Ed4Online ACPE-0117 ACC 226 Cost Accounting 3
  Principles of Accounting 1 Ed4Online ACPE-0132 ACC 121 Accounting Principles I 4
  Principles of Accounting 2 Ed4Online ACPE-0133 ACC 122 Accounting Principles II 4
Law and Ethics Business Law Pearson ACPE-0097 BUS 216 Legal Environment of Business * 3
  Business Law Pearson ACPE-0097 BUS 218 Legal Environment of Business II * 3
  Business Law Straighterline ACPE-0098 BUS 218 Legal Environment of Business II 3
General Business Introduction to Business Saylor ACPE-0107 BUS 115 Introduction to Business 3
  Introduction to Business Straighterline ACPE-0108 BUS 115 Introduction to Business 3
Human Resources Human Resource Management Ed4Online ACPE-0102 MAN 200 Human Resource Management I 3
  Human Resource Management Pearson ACPE-0104 MAN 200 Human Resource Management I 3
Management Principles of Management Pearson ACPE-0122 MAN 226 Principles of Management 3
  Principles of Management Saylor ACPE-0123 MAN 226 Principles of Management 3
  Principles of Management Straighterline ACPE-0124 MAN 226 Principles of Management 3
  Project Management Sophia ACPE-0128 MAN 241 Project Mgmt in Organizations 3
  Business Management Ed4Online ACPE-0135 MAN 226 Principles of Management 3
  Organizational Behavior Pearson ACPE-0120 MAN 215 Organizational Behavior 3
  Organizational Behavior Straighterline ACPE-0121 MAN 215 Organizational Behavior 3
Business Technology Introduction to Business Information Systems Pearson ACPE-0109 CIS 267 Mgmt of Information Systems 3
Student Development Professional and Career Development Ed4Online ACPE-0051 MAR 106 Marketing Your Image 3
  Student Success Pearson ACPE-0054 AAA 101 College 101: Student Experience 1
  Student Succes Straighterline ACPE-0064 AAA 109 Advanced Academic Acheivement 3
Communication Corporate Communication Saylor ACPE-0006 BUS 217 Business Communication/Report Writing ** 3
      ACPE-0006 COM 105 Career Communication 3
English composition Business Communication Straighterline ACPE-0009 COM 105 Career Communication 3
  English Composition II Straighterline ACPE-0026 ENG 122 English Composition II 3
  English Composition I Pearson ACPE-0003 CCR 091 (soft landing) Composition and Reading Lab 1
Art Introduction to Art History Sophia ACPE-0105 ART 110 Art Appreciation *** 3
  Introduction to Art History ophia ACPE-0105 ART 111 and 112 Art Hstory: Ancient/Medieval & Art History: Renassance/1900 *** 6
Philosophy Business Ethics Straighterline ACPE-0095 PHI 205 Business Ethics 3
Spanish Spanish I Straighterline ACPE-0129 SPA 111 Spanish Language I 5
  Spanish II Straighterline ACPE-0130 SPA 112 Spanish Language II 5
Algebra College Algebra Saylor ACPE-0016 MAT 050 Quantitative Literacy 4
  College Algebra Straighterline ACPE-0018 MAT 121 College Algebra 4
Statistics Introduction to Statistics Saylor ACPE-0017 MAT 135 Intro to Statistics 3
Calculus, Calculus I Saylor ACPE-0015 MAT 201 Calculus I 5
  Pre Calculus Straighterline ACPE-0019 MAT 166 Pre-Calculus 5
  General Calculus I Straighterline ACPE-0040 MAT 201 Calculus I 5
  General Calculus II Straighterline ACPE-0041 MAT 202 Calculus II 5
Anatomy Physiology Anatomy and Physiology Pearson ACPE-0090 BIO 106 Basic Anatomy and Physiology 4
Physics General Physics Straighterline ACPE-0038 PHY 211 Physics Calc-Based I/Lab **** 5
  General Physics Lab Straighterline ACPE-0039   Required w/ ACPE 0038 to earn PHY 211    
Technology Computer Basics Ed4Online ACPE-0100 CIS 115 Intro to Computer Information Systems 3
  Managing Information Systems Ed4Online ACPE-0118 CIS 267 Mgmt of Information Systems 3

* Can be used for either BUS 216 or BUS 218 but not both,,,,,,

** Earns student both COM 105 and BUS 217,,,,,,

*** May use this for either ART 110 or ART 111 & ART 112 but not all three

**** Requires both ACPE-0038 and ACPE-0039 for credit

All ACE credit recommendations are eligible for evaluation for credit at CNCC. If you don't see your course on this list, contact us to learn about our ACE evaluation process and your opportunities for credit.

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