Welcome to CNCC’s Accommodations and Accessibility Services. Our mission here at CNCC is to provide equal access to education. We are committed to creating educational opportunities and building a supportive and inclusive environment for all. CNCC fully supports and complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, including the 1974 amendments and the Americans with Disabilities Act and ADA Amendments Act of 2008. Students who want to receive accommodations must apply for and provide appropriate documentation to Student Support Services.

General Information

Reasonable Accommodations

CNCC provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities once the need for such accommodations is made known by the student to appropriate personnel. Some accommodations are provided through auxiliary aids and services, others may require modifications to academic procedures and practices. All accommodations must be related to disabilities defined as substantially limiting a major life activity. Not all requests for accommodation may be determined to be reasonable and/or appropriate. Simply because a student received support at another institution or in elementary/secondary school does not guarantee he/she will receive it at CNCC (or any other higher education institution). Whether a request for an accommodation is reasonable and/or appropriate is a decision that takes into account the individual need of a student, the resources available to CNCC, whether the accommodation is related to the limitation and whether it affects the essential elements of a course or major area of study. The following services (such as auxiliary aids and/or accommodations) provided by Accommodations and Disability Services are commonly utilized by students and are considered reasonable accommodations for the CNCC: alternative testing, alternative text and note-taking support. This list is not all inclusive; other accommodations can be provided depending upon a student needs.

What Do You Need To Do?

In order to receive reasonable accommodations based on the effects of a disability, a student must first identify as a student with a disability with CNCC. Each campus has an ADA Coordinator located within the Student Success Center. If you have a disability and are in need of an academic accommodation, you must apply for educational accommodations, provide documentation, and meet with the ADA Coordinator for an assessment of your needs and for recommended accommodations. If you do not know whether you have a disability or not, meeting with the ADA Coordinator for your campus may allow you to receive an accommodation for one semester until further proof of disability is discovered. It is recommended that you complete this process before the semester begins. If an accommodation involves an adjustment related to specific classes, the ADA Coordinator will issue a letter to that will be given to your instructor(s) that verifies your eligibility and need for that adjustment. The most common adjustments are for extra time and/or an alternative testing location. If you are requesting another type of accommodation that involves Residence Halls, the ADA Coordinator may be involved in the process of verifying your need and requiring a meeting with them. If you are requesting accommodations that involves a CNCC sponsored activity please contact your ADA Coordinator. Please make the request at least two week prior to the event to ensure that accommodations can be made. If you require a service or assistance animal, please read the Service and Assistance Animal Policy. The application, documentation requirements and policy can be found below.

Documentation Requirements

Students are required to provide supporting documentation for their requests for accommodations. Documentation must confirm the student has a particular disability and provide information on how the disability might affect the student in a particular setting (e.g., in a class, in housing, etc.). A particular accommodation request must be reasonable and consistent with the manifestations of the disability. For more information about documentation, see the link below or contact your ADA Coordinator. Documentation accepted at this college might not be accepted by other institutions, agencies and/or programs (e.g. testing agencies, licensure exams, certification programs) and vice versa. Please check with the specific institutions and/or programs to determine their documentation requirements.

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