2021 Fall Semester

August 16

Faculty Return
August 16

NPS Program Start Date

August 17 All Campus Convocation
August 18-19 New Students Arrive - Rangely Campus  
August 20-22 Mandatory New Student Orientation - Rangely Campus  
August 21 Mandatory New Student Orientation - Craig Campus
August 21 Returning Students Arrive
August 23 Classes Begin
August 25 Last day to register for semester-length class
September 6 Labor Day – no class, college closed
September 7 Last day to Drop semester-length class
October 11-15 Mid-terms
October 18 Spring pre-registration begins
November 12 Last day to withdraw from semester-length class
November 22-26 Fall Break for Faculty/Students Residence halls closed, college administrative offices open
November 25 Thanksgiving Day – college closed
December 8 NPS Program End Date
December 9 NPS Academy Graduation
December 13-15 Finals
December 16 Residence Halls close at 1:00pm
December 17 Grades due by 12:00pm
December 16 - January 9 Winter Break for students
December 24 - January 1 College closed

2022 Spring Semester

January 3 Staff Return
January 6 Faculty Return; All students arrive-Rangely Campus
January 7 New student advising/registration
January 10 NPS Program Start Date
January 10 Classes Begin
January 12 Last day to register for semester-length class
January 25 Last day to Drop on-campus semester-length class
February 28   March 4 Mid-terms
March 14 Summer & Fall Preregistration Begins
March 14-18 Spring Break for Faculty/Students Residence halls closed. College Administrative offices open
April 4 Last day to withdraw from on-campus semester-length class
April 19 Honors Banquet, Rangely Campus at 4:00pm
April 21 Honors Banquet, Craig Campus at 1:00 pm
May 2-4 Finals
May 3 NPS Program End Date
May 4 NPS Academy Graduation
May 5 Residence Halls close at 1:00pm (unless graduating)
May 6 Grades due by 12:00pm
May 6 Nursing Pinning Ceremony, Craig Campus at 6:00pm
May 7 Dental Hygiene Pinning Ceremony Rangely High School 9:00am
May 7 Commencement at Rangely Campus at 2:00pm

* These dates are subject to change. Please contact CNCC's Registration Office for current academic calendar.

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